About Us

Welcome to the blog of Monty and Mama.

Thank you so much for taking the time to visit us, dear internet users. It’s so nice of you to stop by.

We run an international English-speaking playgroup in Freising, near Munich. When we’re not having fun with ribbons, pom-poms and space blankets, we are taking¬†every opportunity we can to soak up the wonderful way of life in Southern Germany with the Alps practically on our doorstep in our trusty V dub campervan. Go and make yourself a nice cup of tea, chill out and browse through our pages to see how this family of British expats is navigating through life as a 4 in a land far from home.

The purpose of life, after all, is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experience – E. Roosevelt.

The ginger inspiration

It all began half a decade ago now, when I picked out Monty the Fox Red Miniature Poodle from his litter of 5. It was a tough choice, because my first choice was “all 5, please”, but apparently that would have been a rather expensive habit once they were no longer pups. Since then, he’s always been by my side dropping a wet tennis ball on the ground and promptly taking it back before you have a chance to throw it again.

Already being a countryside fan, he gave me even more reason to get out and about in the good old fields of England. He enjoys any length of walk in almost any location, as long as he can sniff absolutely everything three hundred times. Adaptable as well as a bit dense, he’s conquered the highest mountains in England and Wales in his cute little red harness.

He is the Original Good Boy, provider of evening sofa cuddles and impromptu paper shredder for important documents that you may or may not have needed… He didn’t take the news well that he was going to be upgraded to Big Brother status in 2018. Thankfully his grey cloud has lifted and some months later, now that little one is able to feed him directly from the high chair, he is a happy pooch once more.

Life as we know it

My husband and I are the A team, and we’re facing the challenges of first-time parenthood together at all hours of the day and night, living hundreds of miles away from our friends and family. We make up silly songs together to make our little one laugh, which is a sound we will never tire of hearing. My husband is so witty that sometimes I accidentally snort tea out of my nose. It’s not my most attractive look, but my grandparents did always say to me to find someone that makes you laugh and stick with them through thick and thin. Handily, he is also my chief copy editor for this blog! I might get him a special hat.

We travel as far as we can across Central Europe in a baby nap period, sometimes two in a day with a nice long break in the middle of course. We absolutely adore the mountains in the snow and in the sunshine and we feel so lucky to be able to see them from our current home of Munich on a clear day.

We used to both work stupid hours with long commutes, but life is calmer now. I have made the wonderful and long-awaited transition to stay-at-home Mama, as well as running an international playgroup and writing our blog. I adore taking pictures, scrap-booking and generally documenting our journey through it all.

We’re all travelling through time together, every day of our lives. All we can do is do our best to relish this remarkable ride.