One week to go!

8th November 2018

Over at MAM HQ, we are experiencing some significant ground rush today as we only have a mere 7 days left until our launch party. We have been busy this week planning the structure of our first class, and practising our nursery rhymes. Each week, we will sing some action nursery rhymes and some counting nursery rhymes to our babies. We will have a few songs that we sing every week as babies love routine and familiarity, and we will also have a few songs that are new each week so Mamas don’t get too bored! With over 100 to choose from in my favourite book, we have plenty to keep everyone entertained. We will also print off a little lyrics sheet, so you can practice at home if you want to.

Singing to your baby is a wonderful way to bond with them. Your baby won’t care if you are a good singer, they just love listening to the sound of your voice. It helps them to understand language and new vocabulary, and it teaches them that gestures have meanings. It allows them to start to associate things with names, so when you sing about tickling their tummy and then tickle it, they make a connection between the two things.

We have also been listening to some lovely music on Spotify, and I have made sure to download our favourite tracks into an offline playlist as the mobile network is not always so reliable for my phone. The album below is a particular favourite, as the voice is nice and clear for babies to hear easily. Check it out, as Sing and Learn Volume 2 is also a real chart topper. Or at least your baby will think so!

Make sure you have signed up to our launch party event on Facebook to reserve one of the 9 places available. If you are not on Facebook, you can contact us directly from this blog site to reserve your place. We can’t wait to meet everyone next week.

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