Two weeks to go!

1st November 2018

Time is ticking by and we only have 14 days until our launch party for the playgroup. We have been extremely busy bees in this house, gathering together all our equipment and starting to portion it into 9 individual collections ahead of the first session with all of your lovely babies. Little one has been particularly fond of the marathon blankets I purchased from the first aid section of the chemist’s. With one side silver, one side gold, the crinkly-est noise you’ve ever heard and an extremely good tear resistance, what is not to like? All this for less than €2.

I have had to be very strict with myself at times, though. A casual visit to Toys R Us has the potential to go wildly out of control and leave us unable to afford food for the rest of the month. I adore shopping in almost all of its forms, and launching my playgroup has been the perfect excuse to go to new, different shops in search of strange or specific items. Not forgetting the traditional old toy stores, as well. Just look at all those wonderful musical instruments, perfect for little babies to play with…

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